Our Vision

Continuously learn, innovate and create value within the performance management framework within organizations.

Realization Strategy

CPI Consulting Associates partners with Business leaders, Consultants and Clients to build enterprise wide performance management framework, unleashing the vast potential of knowledge in business and technology and our experience in implementing these strategic processes and systems across organizations. We remain a flat organization with several nodes of knowledge and its components as our key strength for driving value.

Business Profile

CPI Consulting Associates is a global initiative with the aim of providing professional service in business consulting, technology innovation and creative solution delivery with exclusive focus on Enterprise Performance Management.

Our core strength is to deliver a holistic performance management process and analytics functionality that spans the entire performance management cycle.

We enable companies to implement strategies quickly and successfully, as well as manage business performance throughout the entire organization. In its pursuit, we also support integrated business planning, performance monitoring, business consolidation, and effective stakeholder communication with a holistic perspective.

We provide performance management services as a comprehensive one shop deliverable that offers two primary advantages:

  • First, it delivers a holistic solution that spans the entire performance management cycle, from business planning to performance measurement; by integrating tools for business consolidation, performance measurement, and strategy management with business planning processes/tools and deliver a closed-loop environment for performance management.
  • Second, we offer unparalleled functionality in a single enterprise platform; all seviced from one service partner focused on delivering performance management services as its core strength.

CPI Consulting Associates initiates and drives organizations in building high performance intelligent enterprise management frameworks by deploying global best practices in innovative and state of the art technologies. We focus in the Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) framework that provides organizations to implement Business Planning and Consolidation with Business Intelligence technologies, Strategy Management Value based management, Activity based management.

Fostering the ability to adapt business models and strategies swiftly is critical to compete in the business environment of future. We generate thought leadership, educate the value of business performance management, encourage innovations and provide insight on how to collect and analyze the right information to address specific business goals, and help clients evaluate and implement enterprise-wide performance management systems and processes.

Internally, we are a center-less organization with core strength and focus on imparting and sharing Knowledge. We will remain a company without a typical CEO and will foster the company’s growth and direction based on value driven from a core team of knowledge managers and a CKO – Chief Knowledge Officer. Our focus will be to continuously learn, innovate and create value within the performance management process within organizations.

The main application components within our delivery framework are:

  • Budgeting, planning and forecasting These applications support the development of all aspects of budgets, plans and forecasts. They encompass short-term financially focused budgets, longer-term plans and high-level strategic plans. These applications should deliver workflow capabilities to manage budget/plan creation, submission and approval, and provide the facility to dynamically create forecasts and scenarios. They also should support the development of an enterprise wide planning model that links operational plans to financial budgets. In addition, they must be capable of sharing data with domain-specific applications, such as supply chain planning.
  • Profitability Modeling and Optimization This includes activity-based costing (ABC) applications that determine and allocate costs at a highly granular level, and activity-based management applications that provide capabilities to enable users to model the impact on profitability of different cost and resource allocation strategies. Some applications have moved beyond the traditional ABC focus to enable revenue to be allocated in addition to costs to model packaging, bundling, pricing and channel strategies.
  • Scorecard Applications Scorecards are a generic BI capability that includes the functionality of dashboards, but they also have the capability to link performance indicators to a strategy map with a hierarchical cause-and-effect relationship among the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Scorecards are often used in conjunction with a particular methodology, such as balanced scorecard, European Foundation for Quality Management, value-based management or Six Sigma.
  • Financial consolidation This type of application enables organizations to reconcile, consolidate, summarize and aggregate financial data based on different accounting standards and federal regulations. These applications are a fundamental part of CPI because they create the audited, enterprise-level view of financial information that must be shared with other CPI applications to analyze variance from targets.
  • Statutory and Financial Reporting CPI applications require specialized reporting tools that can format output as structured financial statements, and may also need to support specific generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) presentation rules, such as U.S. GAAP or International Financial Reporting Standards. They also include visualization techniques that are specifically designed to support the analysis of variance from budgets or targets, such as hyperbolic trees.

More and more global 3500 companies are adapting the vision of corporate performance Management as it becomes a tight rope walk to maintain stakehoder’s expection and excellent performance. A single strategy view is not any more plausible as an enterprise has to innovate, be fast to adapt to changes in business scenario and achieve high standards. Corporate Performance Management strives to plan, find suitable methodologies and gauge performance metrics on an ongoing basis.

Multiple terminologies like BPM (Business Performance Management), EPM (Enterprise Performance Management) and CPM (Corporate Performance Management) have been used to group together the corporate performance management related services over the last few years.