• Executive Sponsor.
  • Facilitator.
  • CPI Senior Management.
  • CPI Program Manager.
  • CPI Application Coordinators.


  • Ensure business alignment (Opportunities & Challenges).
  • Develop strategic directives (Create, Share, Ratify).
  • Resolve conflicts/ issues.
  • Providing proactive solutions.
  • Monitoring service delivery.
  • Review cost reduction initiatives
  • Monitor service level compliance
  • Approve continuous improvement measures

Effective Governance through :


  • Predefined periodic reviews.
  • Structured reports/ reporting.

Internal Controls

  • Tool-based project management.
  • Quality Audit obligations.

Decision Support System

  • Project Management Dashboard.

Quality Management

Focus Areas:

  • Quality control – a series of inspections, reviews, tests
  • Cost of Quality – appraisal costs, failure costs, external failure costs
  • Quality Assurance – Analysis, Auditing and Reporting activities

Alignment with CMMi Level 5 KPAs

  • Defect Prevention
  • Technology Change Management
  • Process Change Management

Business Security

  • Business Information Security
  • Contractual obligations at the corporate and employee levels
  • Strict Compliance With NDA
  • Emphasis on IPR Protection as part of culture
  • Access Control Mechanisms in Force
  • Isolated Hardware, Network (Router / Firewall)

Global Delivery Model Execution