CPI Consulting Associates has signed up to SAP’s award winning partner management program in United Kingdom. The SAP Partner Edge Program will provide CPI Consulting Associates with access to a range of business, sales and marketing initiatives and increase its exposure as a member of the SAP ecosystem in the UK and beyond.

CPI Consulting Associates delivers BI solutions that help enterprises deliver increased value and insight from their ERP implementations. The expanded relationship provides customers and the SAP ecosystem with access to specialised BI knowledge and experience, extending SAP’s offering in the region. SAP is the number one BI tools vendor with a 20.4 percent worldwide market share, according to IDC. The analyst firm continues to rank BI as one of the top investment priorities for companies globally.

CPI Consulting Associates provides consulting services across a number of industries, specialising in the delivery of complex solutions that require extensive technical innovation, software development and a deep understanding of business process. CPI Consulting Associates has developed extensive expertise in the financial industry where it continues to work with some of the largest organisations in the region. This expertise covers areas such as Balanced Scorecard, Financial Budgeting and Forecasting, Maintenance Cost Budgeting and Reporting and Analytics solutions across all the major business processes in the financial industry.