Social Transformation: The Art & Science of Accelerating Business Growth!

In my last two business transformation series publications; I had covered “Financial Transformation” & “Digital Transformation” in detail and on this publication; I shall cover “Social Transformation” to complete an end-to-end evolution strategy; every business must look at, to be prepared for next two decades and beyond. What is social; Read More

Digital Transformation – The Power to Empower…

On April 18, 2009, the President Obama of United States had announced the appointment of his government’s first CTO for the country. “CTO for a country”! What is the need, how does this work? The statement from his then office read as: “President Obama will appoint the nation’s first Chief Read More

Could transforming your finance function help transform your business?

The power of a successful story telling cannot be overestimated. Objectives of telling a story are to inspire and make others aware. There are four steps to every effective story telling. Background Issues / Challenges Solutions Results / Benefits / Social Message  Financial transformation is such a story, which requires Read More

Do we need to simplify, when the business is small?

“My business is small – so why should I worry about simplifying my business?” I hear this often from executives at small and even midsize companies. Most are focused on growth, growth, growth – as they should be, especially as competition intensifies. But many growing businesses eventually hit a wall Read More

Value Proposition: SAP Analytics Solutions for SME Enterprises.

Key facts: Small & Medium Sized Enterprises Around 95% of companies are small and medium-sized entities (SMEs). Even if we do not work for an SME, it is more than likely that we will do business with one of them on a daily basis.  As small and midsize enterprises (SMEs) expand, Read More

Case Study 1: SAP Analytics Solution (Return on Investment: Cost Saving)

Case Study Background        : The Sales Reports contains elements of sales data, such as Daily, Weekly and Month-to-Date Sales numbers, characterized by various organization units, customer groups or Product groups or hierarchies. They are important for all departments within the organization for their standard control activities. In its final form it Read More